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Tax investigations by HM Revenue and Customs are on the increase. Investigations are seen by the government as the best way of policing the tax system. Unfortunately for the taxpayer, investigations are often time consuming and expensive to deal with.

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The number of people and businesses being investigated by the various tax authorities has increased significantly and this is likely to continue.

Any individual who completes a Tax Return could find themselves under investigation. However, most investigations concern businesses.

If you have failed to notify HMRC about receiving taxable income or made an error (deliberate or otherwise) you may be unsure how to put things right. HMRC’s disclosure facility offers taxpayers the opportunity to do just that and take advantage of the best possible terms. Regardless of whether the errors were due to misunderstanding the rules or deliberately avoiding paying the right amount, it is better to approach HMRC and admit any inaccuracies rather than wait until HMRC uncovers the errors.

We are experienced in helping clients navigate the complexities of campaigns (some being business-specific) to achieve the best possible outcomes and pay the right amount of tax.

In cases where HMRC suspects that fraudulent activity has occurred its Fraud Investigation Service will investigate and based on its findings, action may include criminal proceedings. We are able to advise in these circumstances and where appropriate make referrals to suitably experienced professionals with expertise in this highly complex area.

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Joseph Lawrence can assist both companies and individuals in dealing with a tax investigation. We will ensure that we fully understand the complexities of your investigation and in doing so we will ensure that the process of an investigation does not become an ordeal.

We are professionally qualified and can deal with full investigations, aspect enquiries and PAYE & VAT disputes.

During an investigation we will manage the investigation and lessen the burden on your time; liaise with HM Revenue and Customs to meet deadlines and negotiate solutions; keep you informed as to the progress of the investigation; allowing you to concentrate on your business matters.

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