Business Life Cycle


Starting out in business is a bit like preparing for a mystery tour…with a myriad of forms and legislation to organise and implement, and its easy to feel as if….

….You’re not sure where you will end up.
We can give you all the directions you will need.

….You do not know what you are going to need.
We will supply all the practical knowledge.

….Its easy to feel hesitant!
We’ll show you how to take control.

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From one local business to another, let us help you with your accounts today. 

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Make the Switch

Changing your accountant is simple. You can switch accountants at any time and there are no tax implications. Our team will help guide you through the process.

We have years of experience!

We will help you to decide on an appropriate business vehicle such as a sole trader, partnership or company.

You will receive appropriate advice on tax planning opportunites that are suitable for you and your business.

In addition to tax advice we can also advise on legal matters in connection with your business and help you to understand your obligations.

As your business evolves we will guide you on new and proposed legislation.

We are qualified to advise on all aspects of UK taxation that concern owner managed businesses including:

  • Value Added Tax
  • Capital allowances
  • Losses and loss relief claims
  • Incoporation and associated reliefs
  • PAYE and benefits in kind
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • National Insurance Contributions

If you make the step towards incorporation you will receive advice on Corporate Tax matters including:

  • Corporation Tax Self Assessment
  • Director’s loans
  • Intangible fixed assets
  • Research and development
  • Corporate losses and gains
  • Tax efficient extraction of profits
  • Salary v dividends
  • Rents and interest payments

You will receive guidance on the issues, some not always so obvious, that need to be addressed on incorporation such as post transaction valuation checks especially where transactions are to connected parties. There are special reliefs on incoporation which need careful consideration.

Retaining key employees and incentivising them to work hard to increase the value of your company may be an area of interest to you. we can help by introducing you to various share scheme including enterprise management incentives, share incentive plans and company share options.

Planning your exit is as important as planning the start of the company. We are experienced in advising on matters including:

  • Sale of shares v sale of assets
  • Disincorporation relief for those who feel tied up in a corporate
  • Change in ownership of company
  • Transfer of trades
  • Hive down
  • Management buyout

Exit planning should be considered many years before the event to avoid losing out on favourable reliefs.

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